4 tips to keep beautiful hands in winter

By: Maryton

With the wind and the cold, the skin is attacked and can quickly become dry and rough. It is the case for your hands will also get dry when the temperatures are dropping. Here are some beauty tips to keep them beautiful in winter.

1. Gently exfoliate

Just like the skin of the body or the face, the hands need to be exfoliated. It can  eliminates dead skin. Just mix two tablespoons of sugar with a vegetable oil. If you want a gourmet scrub, bet on the heavenly smelling coconut oil.

2. Focus on hydration

The nourishing scrub already brings a dose of nutrition to the skin of the hands. But this is not enough. To protect them as well as possible, it is advisable to use a moisturizer daily.

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3. Take care of your nails

Well-groomed nails will enhance your hands. Start by cutting your nails and filing them in the shape you want. You can then file the nail with a soft nail file. Then, massage your nails with a vegetable oil: this will nourish the nails and allow them to be healthier.

4. Opt for the right varnish

The application of varnish occurs after the other steps: exfoliation of the hands, hydration, maintenance of the nails. A varnish applied to beautiful nails will be much more prominent and will hold better.

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