Review PaMu Scroll: Are They Really the Rivals of the Airpods?

Review PaMu Scroll: Are They Really the Rivals of the Airpods?


Due to the growing trend towards the disappearance (argh) of mini-jack input from mobile devices, the market for true wireless headphones is becoming more and more interesting and competitive. They are a perfect example of this PaMu Scroll, a product that has so much convinced the community to make record revenue on Indiegogo, managing to obtain funds greater than a million dollars 2.8 (at the time of writing). Curiosity was therefore important, so we had the chance to try them out. If you’re curious about Airpod rivals, check out our review.


Review PaMu Scroll: Are They Really the Rivals of the Airpods?

Inside the packaging are the following equipment:

  • PaMu Scroll;
  • Transport and loading case;
  • 3 pairs of ear tips;
  • MicroUSB cable;

Design and build quality

PaMu Scrolls are perhaps the most special helmets I have ever tried. Not so much for the headphones themselves, for the traditional shapes, but for the leather case that contains them. The look that the company is looking for is really vintage in this defined Rock’n’Roll color, with streaks that accentuate the effect of the coating. Here is a question of taste, given the marked differences between the different colors available: personally, I prefer the Graphene variant. Even if you carry them in your pocket and backpack, you do not notice any signs of wear, which is good. Ditto for headphones, on which I fell twice without damage. But the part that surprised me the most (positively) is the “scroll” magnetic aperture, whose name derives.

The case opens like a parchment, revealing the helmet inside, responses in the case with magnetic pins to recharge it. The helmet has dimensions rather content, plastic and with a weight of only Grams 5, resulting discreet once worn compared to other helmets of this type. In addition, the IPX6 certification offers a degree of protection against liquids and dust, allowing them to be used even in the rain or in the shower.

Unlike Airpods, PaMu Scrolls are wireless in ear headphones, with all the advantages and disadvantages of the case. These are headphones that are almost impossible to fall out of the ear and offer excellent insulation from the outside. On the other hand, they are in the ear, in fact, and not all are fans of this design that can be considered too invasive.

Connectivity and phone part

PaMu scrolls are probably among the most stable headphones in the true wireless category and beyond. Pairing is very easy: just extract them, the left headphone connects independently to the right headset (where the Bluetooth module is) and you can connect them to your device. Once you have finished listening, simply reinsert them into the case, they will turn off and begin to recharge.

To turn them on, simply delete them again: no power button to press, but especially no sudden disconnection between the headphones, the signal remains stable without problems. The excellent stability of the signal also implies the connection to the smartphone: thanks to the support Bluetooth 5.0 I used them with pleasure with a Huawei Mate 10 Pro and I never encountered any problems of signal. And even when using videos on YouTube or Netflix, I did not notice any lag compared to the source.

Having no key, the audio management is via touch keys on both headphones. With a key, press Play / Pause or answer the incoming call, while with a double-key you can connect to the call, skip to the next track, or activate it. Google Assistant. The touch controls are a compromise: they have never impressed me and even here I do not change my mind.

In addition to the lack of volume control, there is a certain lag between touch and action and, given the small size, it can happen to correct them and pause a song by mistake. Speaking of calls, the phone part is also very good, with a correct microphone but especially stereo audio on call, a gem not only in the budget friendly group.

Audio quality

As wireless headsets, I tested PaMu Scrolls primarily in mobile contexts, using Spotify Premium for online music, but also in PowerAmp for high offline throughput. And it is in the music that you can appreciate the main advantages of the in-ear factor, from the isolation of external noise.

This also contributes to a full-bodied listening, rich in frequencies and dynamics in the tracks, without losses to the outside. By pushing them a little more inside the pavilion, we favor the low frequencies, both in the body and in the attack. But more generally, the reproduction remains balanced, although there is a minimum index. V-shaped


Although small, the PaMu Scrolls offer modest but not enough listening time, with a range of approximately 3/4 hours of continuous playback. The discharge sound alert comes almost when the battery is finished; you will then have to put them in the guard, which provides the other Charge Cycles 2. In addition to charging the case through the microUSB door, the company also sells a accessories for wireless charging – pamu charging receiver (at $ 19 plus).

Conclusions and prices

As an Indiegogo campaign, PaMu Scroll is available in the Early Bird phase, or a few units at a significantly reduced price. At the moment the cost is $ 49, but as soon as the stock is finished, the price should go to $ 149, certainly a figure of another caliber.

After evaluating this factor, I must say that I feel fully satisfied with these PaMu Scrolls. There are no obvious flaws except personal considerations regarding aesthetics, touch controls and in-ear design. They are easy to use, they sound good, they never lose the signal and they do everything right. not bad at full price, better buy at $ 49.

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