How to Wear Equestrian-Inspired Fashion


Equestrian fashion has the essence of classiness and elegance while looking sporty-chic far more formal than your typical athletic outfits. Since Equestrians adhere to a certain dress code when going out to ride their horses, it keeps them comfortable and stylish on their activities. Looking for ways how to look sporty-chic without losing your classic style? Keep on reading to be inspired by equestrian-inspired fashion and learn some tricks on how to wear them.

The item that distinguishes the equestrian outfit, riding boots in knee-high or even thigh-high styles are the very footwear that horseback riders wear when riding horses. When selecting equestrian-inspired footwear, go for flat boots or ones with chunky heels to keep that laid-back feel while keeping your looks chic. Black and brown shades are great for channeling that classic look.


You may also incorporate a few elements on your accessories, preferably rounded hats with a non-floppy silhouette like bowler hats, fedora hats with short brim, sailor caps, or even baseball caps resembling the helmet on the racing course. To add some chic feel, go for classic scarves with non-bulky style in neutral shades of black, white, brown, and even gray. Keep your accessories minimal and avoid piling too many accessories like layered necklaces or bangles that will only take away the equestrian atmosphere you’re trying to create. A wrist watch and small stud earrings may be good.

For your equestrian-inspired tops, opt for polo shirts, blazer, or double-breasted coats that usually worn by Equestrians. A fashion staple that women have taken inspiration from the men, polo shirt became a gender-neutral article of clothing that looks chic at the same time sporty. For a classic look, go for double breasted coats, those with double buttons, to create the impression of nautical, preppy, or sporty feel depending on how you wear them. To make it simpler, go for a structured blazer or tuxedo with accented lapels perfect for chilly weather. If you like, you may layer a vest between the blazer and the shirt creating a three piece suit.


Instead of wearing breeches on your bottom, go for skinny pants whether denim or leather to channel your equestrian-inspired fashion. Riding pants are naturally tight so that equestrians will not be bothered by their pants while riding out, and climbing up on the back of their horses. Also, skinny jeans are your best option over boot cuts and flared ones so there will be no lumps when you wear boots over it.
With just creative styling of your basic wardrobe staples, you can create the equestrian-inspired look effortlessly. If you like, you may even pick up one or two of the staples we’ve mentioned and create a hybrid look.

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