The One Dress You Need This Summer


Everyone needs a casual little black dress. They’re perfect for summer, day, or night. But especially if you’re going on vacation. We got back from Austin on Wednesday and I gotta tell you the LBD I brought with me was a life-saver. Yeah ok you caught me, this topic is a little convenient but I still have major vacation brain. Writing about anything not-related to Austin seems impossible right now. Seriously I just want to sleep and day-dream about all the yummy food I ate or didn’t get to eat in Texas. My brain is mush. So be on the lookout for a few more posts about our trip to Austin, but this week I figured I might as well focus on a piece that really made walking around in the heat so much easier and more comfortable. Plus, it’s a long weekend and my brain is still in vacation mode, so let’s keep it easy and talk casual little black dresses.

When I was packing for our trip the one item I knew I’d get the most use out of was a short, swingy, black tank dress that I picked up recently from American Eagle Outfitters for $20. It’s the kind of dress you buy and know you will be living in during the summer months. So I knew that Austin would be the best place weather wise for this dress. What I didn’t realize is that every other girl in Austin was also all about her LBD. Here I thought everyone would be in some variation of a little WHITE dress and I’d be kind of a black sheep. But warm weather + white dress is not how Austin does it. You know how motorcyclists or guys with impressive beards give each other head nods? I wanted to do that with girls wearing LBDs. I didn’t but I felt a weird kinship with them. Even my friend Kris who lives in Austin wore an LBD when we got together! It’s perfect really. They’re cute, super comfortable, and really really flattering. A world of BBQ and taco sins live under those dresses but no one would ever know. Even if you don’t live in Austin, a casual LBD is the perfect fashion dress for summer so with that in mind, here are eight perfect casual little black dresses for your summer adventuring.

Just Female Trapeze Dress in Jersey

ASOS T-Shirt Dress with Drop Armhole

VILANYAS Slim Cut Midi Dress

TAVIK ‘Mila’ Knit Racerback Dress

Socialite High Neck Dress

AEO Soft & Sexy Strappy Shift Dress

AEO Soft & Sexy Solid Swing Dress

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