Pedicure: sublimate your feet this summer

By: Maryton

It’s impossible to go from winter boots to strappy sandals without displaying your feet! Cleaning, care and good gestures, take care of your feet by professional pedicure kits. Let’s take stock together of the right gestures and treatments to prepare your pretty feet.

1. Thoroughly clean your pedicure accessories, lay them out on a towel and wash your hands before you begin. If you wear varnish, remove it by applying a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover on your nails for about ten seconds.

2. Immerse your feet in a basin filled with hot water for about twenty minutes. Take your feet out of the bath and pat them dry. Push back softened cuticles with a wooden stick.

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3. Remove calluses using a specific exfoliating cream by performing small circular massages then rinse.

4. Cut the nails regularly to avoid ingrown nails with scissors. File then each nail.

5. Finally apply a moisturizer for very dry skin and massage 2-3 minutes, going up to the ankles. The skin of your feet will be smoothed and protected, rid of dead skin.

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