How to make your homemade solvent? DIY recipe

By: Maryton

The nail polish remover is an essential product to clean your nails from varnish residue. But industrial solvents contain aggressive products. A healthier and more ecological alternative is to make your own nail polish remover. In this article, I will tell you how to make your homemade solvent.

A more natural and less expensive nail polish remover

Most of the nail polish remover sold on the market contain acetone. This is a degreasing product that will dissolve the nail polish. But the superficial layer of the nail can also be attacked by this product. In particular, the nail can dry out and become fragile. What’s more, solvents without acetone are designed with ethyl acetate, which is less aggressive but which is not neutral either for the layer of fat that protects the nail.

However, it is possible to make your nail polish remover with only a few common products. The DIY nail polish remover is then more ecological, more natural, healthier and much less expensive.

Make your natural homemade solvent: the recipe

We offer you a DIY recipe for a natural solvent, based on only two ingredients: lemon and white vinegar. Just mix the juice of half a lemon with a few spoonfuls of white vinegar in a container. Then, the nails should be immersed for about a quarter of an hour in this homemade preparation. The nail polish will be gone.

By combining the citric acid of lemon and the acidity of white vinegar, the formula Very effective. The nails come out natural without varnish, but also shiny and clean. Your nails will also be whitened by the action of lemon juice.

Tutorial: the DIY dissolving bath

Folding the sponge in half before carefully placing it in the jar. Then simply soak it in the solvent solution. The dissolving bath is immediately ready for use. To remove your nail polish, simply place your nails in turn in the fold of the sponge that will have absorbed the solvent, pressing lightly and slowly turning your finger. In just a few seconds, the nail is rid of its varnish. When the sponge ends up drying out or deteriorating, then it’s time to throw it away and prepare a new dissolving bath solution.

Hoping to have been helpful! In addition to the nail polish remover above, we should also maintain our nails regularly with the professional manicure kits. This article was created from the famous brand of Maryton. Visit our website to discover more nail beauty products!

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