False nails starter kit: what to choose?

By: Maryton

When you are new to false nails, it is necessary to purchase a multitude of manicure sets. Investing to get started can be expensive. There are many useful kits that can help you get started.

Semi-permanent kits

Halfway between UV gel and varnish, semi-perms are a real alternative to color gels. Acquiring an SP kit could be useful to start in the field. Gel polishes can be applied directly to natural nails or artificial nails.

Nail art kits

In terms of decoration, nail art kits are essential. If you want to make artistic creations a little more precise, there are kits including sparkles, foils, glitters, mirror powders and much more. Know that nail art is a complement for nail extensions. It could nevertheless make the difference if your competitors do not practice it.

UV gel kits

A UV gel kit is generally suitable for a specific technique. There are different methods of shaping false nails. For those who practice homemade manicures, this will also be a great alternative. Often supplied with a UV lamp or a sander, the UV gel false nails kit comes complete and ready to use.

The filling kits

The filling kits are available in different configurations. It will be possible to choose a filling kit with colored gels or with permanent varnishes. These sets will be composed of the essential colors generally used in everyday life.

Electric kits

Electrical equipment kits allow you to make big savings. Whether it is composed of a UV lamp, an electric sander or a work light, it will be the purchase to be preferred above all.

There are many possibilities available to you and it will be good to meditate on the technique you want to develop, on the nails supply you plan to use according to your skills or your acquired knowledge.

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