Have strong nails naturally

By: Maryton

Do you dream of beautiful, long and hard nails? Are you tired of soft, brittle and brittle nails? Do you have the manicure set, but don’t know how to do? Don’t worry, we know what it takes for naturally strong nails.

1. File your nails

For strong nails, remember use the nail files to file your nails regularly. In fact, the longer the nails, the more fragile they become.

2. A good diet

The beauty of the skin or the nails always starts with a good nutrition. Indeed, when we take care of what is inside, it will show on the outside. So, to have beautiful strong nails, promote these foods:

  • Proteins
  • Zinc and copper
  • Iron and magnesium
  • Vitamin b8 or biotin

3. lemon

Lemon is known for its cosmetic virtues. If your nails are fragile and soft, cut a lemon in half and massage your nails with half a lemon. Let the lemon juice sit on your nails for five minutes before washing them off with warm water.

4. The oils

To nourish your nails, moisturize them daily with an oil. Preferably use olive oil or sweet almond oil which are rich in vitamin E. You can also use castor oil which is very rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. This oil nourishes in depth your nails.

There are lots of nail supplies on the market to help you have strong nails naturally, please take a look at our Maryton!

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