Cuticles:tips for the care of fur

By: Maryton

Are you tired of your cuticles that damage the hold of your enamel? Are you looking for some effective remedy? Here are some tips on taking care of your hands.

Sometimes, the cuticles are intrusive, annoying and unsightly. They can grow at the base of the nail surface making the nail polish last less. Before proceeding with the care of the cuticles, completely remove the polish from our nails. Here are our tips:

Cuticle oil: nourishing oil for cuticle care. Apply a few drops on all nails and massage for a few minutes. Remove excess product with cotton.

– Remove Cuticles: solution that facilitates the removal of cuticles by dissolving skin without having to go to cut and torture them. Apply and leave for 1 minute.

– Skin pusher: after applying the cuticle oil or the cuticle remover, push or remove the skin with an orange stick or a pumice stone pusher.

– Aloe Vera: the best remedy if you are going to ruin your cuticles too much, creating wounds or sore areas.

– Cocoa butter: if you are away from home and have a cuticle emergency, the classic cocoa butter is ideal for softening your cuticles.

– Protect your hands during housework: During housework, always use gloves, as wet hands continuously dry the skin and worsen the cuticle situation.

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