How to make a perfect french manicure?

By: Maryton

Both discreet and chic, the French manicure is the beauty of the nails par excellence! It aims to sublimate the nail while remaining very natural. So here is the procedure to follow to achieve a perfect French manicure.

This manicure consists of varnishing the end of the nails with a line of white varnish, and covering the nail with a thin layer of pastel varnish to give it a natural effect. Of course, if you want to add color to your nails, there are also colored variations!

Start by preparing the nail with the professional manicure sets. If you want the French manicure to hold perfectly, this is an essential step to keep the nails healthy. Then, run the brush over the tip of the nail following the movement of the nail.

The phase that requires a little patience is to let the white line dry. Then, you can apply your transparent, beige or slightly pink nail polish on the entire nail, in one or two coats. To keep a clean French manicure, don’t forget to apply a layer of protective “top coat”.

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