What is a pedicure?

By: Maryton

A pedicure is an aesthetic treatment of the feet and toenails. As with the manicure, it can be done at home or in a beauty salon by a beautician or a nail technician. So girls, get ready for memorable holidays with a top pedicure! Toady, the nail supply expert Maryton takes you through the different steps of a pedicure.

The steps of a pedicure

1. Cleaning feet and toenails

2. Filing and shaping toenails using a nail drill machine or nail file

3. Pushes back and cuts cuticles

4. Polishing of toenails

5. Exfoliation and hydration of the skin of the feet

6. Application of a protective base

7. Applying nail polish to toenails

8. Applying a top coat to protect the color

The benefits of a pedicure

1. Maintaining healthy feet and toenails

2. Improves the appearance of the feet

3. Promotes relaxation and well-being


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