Ridged nails: what to do to treat them?

By: Maryton

The health of your nails, but also your hair, can tell a lot about your general health. Indeed, streaks often reflect other deeper problems. However, ridged nails can be treated easily once you have identified the cause of the ridges: discover all practical tips to achieve this. Just follow our Maryton!

Why are my nails ridged?

When ridges appear on your nails, start by identifying the causes of this benign anomaly. These causes can be varied, and are particularly related to:

  • Diet: deficiencies in essential vitamins or nutrients for your nails can cause streaks;
  • Daily habits: regular gnawing, poorly performed manicure and poor quality material can also change the structure of the nail and cause streaks to appear;
  • Hormonal changes: from the menstrual cycle to menopause, many hormonal changes can weaken your nails.

Once you identify the causes of your ridges on the nails, you will be able to pamper them to make them look smooth and neat.

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Ridged nails: what solutions to smooth them?

At first, reconnect with a balanced and varied diet. Choose foods rich in iron, but also in zinc, magnesium, protein and vitamin D: these nutrients will help you avoid anemia and take care of your nails.

Secondly, choose the professional manicure kit. Poor quality accessories will only contribute to damaging, a little more, your ridged and weakened nails. Choose professional brands, as well as glass or grain files to avoid splitting your nails.

Finally, avoid prolonged contact with water, but also with household products and excessive sources of heat. Remember to wash your hands several times a day, removing all the small impurities that can slip between your nails and fingertips. Finally, offer detox and well-being cures to your nails by immersing them in vegetable oil baths. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice to your vegetable oil baths to boost the effects.

Are your nails ridged, damaged or brittle? Don’t deprive yourself of a pretty manicure! Take into action now!

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