How to remove gel and resin false nails?

By: Maryton

The removal of false nails must be carried out by a nail professional. If you are not a professional, contact the nail technician who performed the installation of your nails. The removal of a gel or resin nail must follow several steps! Follow the Maryton supply to see how to remove gel and resin-like fake nails.

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Procedure for removing gel false nails

To remove the gel, two possibilities: sand or file. Thus, the removal of the gel can be done in two ways: with a file or a sander.

  • With the file, start sanding with a coarse file and finish with a soft file.
  • If you opt for an electric sander, handle it with caution and be careful not to reach the natural nail.
  • Once the bulk of the gel has been sanded and once the capsule or stencil has been filed, use a polishing block to polish the nail.
  • Finish the removal by performing a treatment that will allow the nail to regenerate more easily. Also remember to moisturize the cuticles.
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Resin nail removal protocol

As with the removal of UV Gel, the removal of the resin must be carried out by a professional and follow certain steps. Here is a resin nail removal method. It will always be necessary to pay attention to the natural nail which is just below.

Melt the resin

A technique that consists of melting the resin. For this, you must use “Cosmetic acetone” and a manicure bowl provided for this purpose.

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  • Lightly file the top of the nail with a coarse file.
  • Leave to soak in acetone for several minutes then remove the melted resin by scraping it lightly with a cuticle pusher.
  • File very lightly.
  • Finish by applying a complete nail and cuticle treatment.

OK! Now you know everything you need to know to remove gel and resin false nails, bring your manicure kit and act now! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nail tools. We have everything all you need.

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