How to hide the regrowth of gel or semi-permanent?

By: Maryton

Do you like to wear gel or semi-permanent to have a flawless manicure? Do you know how to hide the regrowth while waiting for the refill? Today we will talk about just that, showing you some tricks that will disguise this problem!

Regrowth gel or seeds: hide it!

Having beautiful and manicured nails is every woman’s dream. Hands are an important business card, which is why having them always hydrated.  If you are in the ranks of nails addicted, you will surely have a lot of care for your hands, and you will know that the best choice is the semi-permanent or gel, in terms of manicure.

The only drawback of these techniques is that after a very short time an annoying regrowth of the nail becomes visible in the lower part. The one close to the lunula, which you must try to mask as much as possible to keep your hands in order.

The retouching of the reconstruction or semi-permanent manicure should be done every two or three weeks, depending on the speed with which the nail grows back. But there are simple methods to fix it yourself, before the appointment with the beautician for the retouching.

Tricks for hide the regrowth of the nails

First of all, just cover the regrown part with glitter, and then apply them  on the rest of the surface using a make-up sponge or a cotton swab. Alternatively, you can apply a different color on the regrowth that contrasts with the color of the nail polish, in order to create a French revers or a moon manicure. Finally, another idea is to make drawings on the entire nail surface, to cover the difference in color. You can use stamping, stickers, water decals or proceed freehand, the limit is only your imagination!

Cover the regrowth

In the previous paragraphs we have seen several tips for a flawless manicure, but if you want an even simpler solution, use a nail polish more or less of the same color and spread it over the entire nail. This way you will be able to mask the regrowth without too many complications!

There are also combinations on the market that allow you to buy the exact shade of traditional nail polish in combination with the just applied semi-permanent.

Do you have any tricks to hide the regrowth? Does it bother you or is it not a problem for you? All that remains is to invite you to try and wish you a good manicure! If you want to get know more of nails supply, take a look at our Maryton.

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