How to protect your nails during the summer?

By: Maryton

During the summer beach holidays, there is always the same problem: nails become more fragile due to bathing in water and contact with salt. And as if that weren’t enough, enamel does not last more than a day and flakes at the speed of light. How to protect your nails during the summer? What precautions should be taken? Here are some answers!

Shorten your nails in the summer or not?

Personally, I am of the opinion that the first way to protect nails in the summer is to shorten them. I’m not saying to file them down to the fingertip, but a shorter nail will be more comfortable and will minimize the risk of flaking, accidental breakage that could stress the surface and unsightly chipping in the corners.

But if you do not want to give up your length or even resort to laying a gel that can guarantee better strength, you will need to use an excellent protective reinforcing base and apply a cuticle oil daily.

In this article I explained to you how to create a lemon oil that could prove to be a useful ally during your summer by the sea. And don’t forget to use an acetone-free solvent, salt and sea water will already undermine the strength of our nails.

How to extend the life of the enamel

My personal advice is to apply a semi-permanent gel polish immediately before leaving, in order to ensure a perfect color during the entire period of absence from home. A small trick to adopt is to choose a color that matches a nail polish present in your beauty: in this way you can easily hide the regrowth or touch up small chips or detachments.

On the other hand, If you are a lover of classic nail polish, opt for a long-lasting and abundant formulation of top coat after application. On the net I have read that it is advisable to keep the nail polish in the refrigerator to ensure a better seal and not to apply it in sunny or ventilated places, I have not personally tried it yet, but it seems to me an excellent suggestion!

Ready to go on a beach holiday and have beautiful nails even outside the home? Hoping to have been helpful. As usual, if you are looking for a store where you can buy the nails supply, please take a look at our Maryton supply website. I wish see you in the next article!

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