A Runners Review of The PaMu Slide

A Runners Review of The PaMu Slide

By: fashiontip.xyz

These are a new pair of earbuds called Pamu slide that I received recently and in terms of full disclosure this was a pair that was sent to me for the purpose of review. I didn’t have to pay for them but no monies being exchanged or not paying me to make a review. And they’re not gonna have any editorial control or input and no one will be able to see the footage until you guys get a chance to see it. I think that these might be some of the best earbuds that I’ve ever run in and I’ve run in a lot of different earbuds over the years. My current three top favorites were the Apple earpods, the Jabra elite 65 T and powerbeats Pro. But this I think can stand in that category with those three higher-end earbuds. If not unseat them as the best running earbuds, let me talk to you a little bit about why that is the first thing that I will mention though with these earbuds is that they’re heavy. Each individual earbud is pretty heavy, its substantial has a little bit of a thin down here, but they fit in your ear canal fairly well, really well in fact. They have that kind of passive noise canceling sensation, in terms of closing out the world around me, another thing that’s really happy about these earbuds is the case that they came in, it is one of the heaviest cases I’ve ever seen. I thought the power beats pro case was kind of ridiculous, this gets even more ridiculous, although I do kind of like this slide mechanism, and this has like a faux leather finish to it on top which is actually quite nice to touch. What the reason that I do like the case though it is so heavy, it is because there’s a two thousand milliamp power battery in it and if you get an upgraded version which I don’t have, there’s Qi charging in it, so you could even top up your phone, I think that’d be a really nice feature to have.

PaMu Slide Review: Always Take With You

In terms of battery life, they’re claiming 10 hours of time. I went on a runs with this, they used about 10% of the battery, so I think we could definitely get to that 10 hours of playtime that’s claimed. But just the battery life doesn’t make them heavier, but certainly worth it, because the sound on these earbuds is so really good. I was really surprised by it when I started playing music in these especially at the price point. I think the list price is about gonna be $120. These just sounds so really good, there is a fullness to it that I wasn’t expecting, even all volume levels, the sound feels very rich. The one critique if I have to critique it, I will say that the sound isn’t very precise directionally, so when I listen to other higher-end earbuds, not only do I feel enveloped in the sound, I also feel like certain sounds come from like this area or back here on the side. But I’m not getting that sense of kind of directionality or specificity with these pamu earbuds, but in terms of being enveloped and sound, I am fully immersed and I don’t know if that’s part of the fit that’s doing that or if it’s the earbuds that are just driving a better sound. Whatever, it is the sound just absolutely amazing. Some of the best sounding earbuds that I’ve run in almost ever not the best yeah. The one other thing that I might say, I felt a little bit disconnected.

These in ear wireless earbuds are IPX6 rated, so definitely gonna handle all the sweat or even a rainstorm that you throw at, but I was worried without an ear loop in the summertime, when it’s humid when I’m sweaty, how is it gonna hold up. But I didn’t even feel like they were about to slip out, they just in there and stayed in there, the entire time. so I am thoroughly impressed, I’m sure that if it was a rainstorm or if I was running like in the middle of the day, absolute hottest part of the day, anything without gonna fall out in those kinds of situations so far. Once you get them in there, they are going to stay in there except in the most extreme of circumstances. But only other issues that I had was on the first day when I had the phone in my pocket when running tights, I did get a couple of occasional flutters in the beginning parts of my run, I’m not sure what that was, if that was the Bluetooth connection, but for whatever reason. Towards the end of the run I didn’t have that problem, but I did have a different problem at the end of my first run, and I don’t think it’s the earbuds’s fault, at some point I lost self connection. When I got closer to town, I tried to reconnect to Spotify and that worked, but only the sound was coming out through the phone not the earbuds. I checked in my Bluetooth settings and it looked like the earbuds were connected, they were certainly still on, because if I tapped them and everything is controlled by touch sensitive buttons(not actual buttons, which i think is really nice because normally with earbuds a style when you’re using actual buttons to press that usually ends up hurting my ear canal when I have to do that pressing), these are touch sensitive so you don’t have to push nearly as hard.

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