Padmate Compact Complete Wireless Pamu Mini at $55

Padmate Compact Complete Wireless Pamu Mini at $55


Moldac launched the Padmate brand completely wireless earphone “Pamu Mini” handled by the company on its official website on April 10th.

A product that received over $6 million in overseas crowdfunding. It has a compact and minimal design and the case is 72W x 33H x 30Dmm, which is said to be as small as possible.

Padmate Compact Complete Wireless Pamu Mini at $55

The driver unit is equipped with a φ6mm dynamic driver. The 6-micron diaphragm, designed to improve sound resolution and reduce distortion, allows you to experience natural and fine sound quality. The reproduction frequency band is 20Hz-20kHz, and the impedance is 16Ω.

The PaMu Slide Mini is equipped with the latest model of Qualcomm. Bluetooth supports Ver.5.0 and codec supports SBC / AAC / aptX.

Continuous playback of about 10 hours with the earphone alone and about 30 hours with case charging. It is equipped with a USB-C connector and supports quick charging, which can be played for more than 1 hour with 10 minutes of charging, and wireless charging. It also has the waterproof function of IPX6, so it can be used in environments such as rain and sweat.

The mass of the earphone alone is about 7 g, and the mass of the case is about 40 g.

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