My nails are soft, what should I do?

By: Maryton

Are your nails too soft to let them grow? Don’t panic, the nail supply expert Maryton will give you plenty of advice on how to harden them and maintain them properly. 

You should always apply the following advice:

Add vegetable oil every evening. Avocado, sweet almond, jojoba or castor oil are very good for making them grow faster and strengthen them. And every night new cells are created to regenerate your skin, which will accelerate the growth of your nails and make them stronger.

Apply nail hardener. Hardeners are classic varnishes which dry in the open air. Some brands use vitamins in their hardeners to double the effect of the product. not all hardeners are used in the same way, some must be applied over several days, others as a cure.

The cures. I’m sure you’ve already heard of brewer’s yeast. These capsules that make hair and nails grow twice as fast and strengthen them. There are other treatments such as gummy for nails and hair.

Protect nails. Whether by wearing gloves for washing dishes or gardening, protecting your nails is very important. I also recommend filing them short if your nails are soft, as they could break on the side and hurt.

Eat healthy. Eating a balanced diet is important for your health. You should know that the body is intelligent, if it lacks vitamin the body will not first nourish the nails, hair and skin but rather the vital organs, the brain, the heart.

Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas! In addition, I also advise you to invest in some professional manicure sets to care for your nails.


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