How to touch up acrylic gel?

By: Maryton

The Polygel will show regrowth after a few weeks. If you don’t want to replace your manicure yet, you can have this regrowth touched up. Below is a step-by-step plan for touching up an acrylic gel manicure.

Matify the visible edge

Only remove the top coat with a file. Matte the natural nail and the old acrylic gel. For better adhesion, it is advisable to file horizontally. Degrease the nail with a cleaner.

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Apply nail prep and primer

Apply the nail prep to the area where the natural nail is visible. Allow to dry before applying other nail products. After the nail prep dries, apply a coat of primer in the same way as the nail prep. Let the primer dry.

Apply base coat

After complete drying of the primer, apply a base coat on the area where the natural nail is visible and hardens under the lamp. Make sure the regrowth blends well with the rest of the gel polish from the previous manicure.

Poly gel application

After applying the base, take a very small ball of acrylic gel with the spatula and place it on the exposed edge of the nail. Wet your gel brush in the easy liquid, do a good doming and apply a thin layer of acrylic gel on the rest of the nail. File your acrylic nails with a nail file. After filing, dust and degrease your nails.

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Application of semi-permanent varnish color

Apply the desired color. Then cure your nails under a UV/LED lamp. Perform this step twice.

Apply top coat

Finally, apply a layer of top coat over the entire nail. Then harden your nails under a nail lamp.

Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas! In addition, I also advise you to invest in some professional manicure kits to care for nails.


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