How to clean and disinfect your manicure products?

By: Maryton

It is well known that cleaning and disinfecting manicure products is very important. But do you know how to clean and disinfect your manicure  products? Today, let’s learn about it together.

Indeed, the process is broken down into 3 stages:


Start by cleaning the table on which the manicures are performed, and make sure that it is well cleaned. Next, clean the surface on which you are going to place the tools to be cleaned. Your tools can finally be rinsed with water, then dried with kitchen paper.


You will need to let your tools soak in a soaking tray that contains the disinfectant chosen by you. Tools must be completely immersed in the disinfectant. After this, you can rinse your tools thoroughly with water before drying them with paper towel.


During this step, the products are placed in sterilization pouches and then go into a UV sterilizer for the time recommended by your sterilizer.

Our Maryton are not only committed to producing effective and quality products but also offer you disposable manicure and pedicure sets. With the existence of these tools, I believe it can greatly reduce the workload of nail technicians.

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