Does semi-permanent varnish damage the nails?

By: Maryton

Does a semi-permanent varnish damage your nails? I believe this is a question that many women who do semi-permanent varnish nails will ask. If the semi-permanent manicure is well done and carried out in a serious institute, it does not damage the nails.

To avoid damaging your nails, it is also essential to have your nail polish removed by a specialist, ideally the same one who applied it to you. Above all, don’t remove the varnish yourself by scraping / peeling off. Indeed, the nail is made up of several “layers”, a bit like a yarrow. If you peel off the polish, you risk damaging your nails by removing the protective layers of the nail.

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It is advisable to remove its varnish after 3 weeks. Indeed, nails covered with varnish are less hydrated and tend to become more sensitive and soft. But you will see for yourself that the regrowth of your nails makes the removal obvious after 3 weeks.

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