Reconstruction on natural nails

By: Maryton

All women are aware of how important it is to have manicured hands by professional manicure supplies, always perfect and flawless on any occasion. However, when it comes to manicured hands, obviously it is impossible to leave out the nails, which if well cared for make their figure and are able to transform even the most stocky and anonymous hand into a feminine, tapered and fascinating hand.
It goes without saying that always having perfect nails is anything but easy, especially if you work a lot on the computer, with your nails constantly busy tapping on the keys, or if you do housework.
Not to mention those women who carry out manual jobs, perhaps in factories or workshops, for whom breaking nails or chipping nail polish are practically the order of the day.
What to do in these cases? The solution is there and it is much simpler than you might imagine, as well as at your fingertips. In all these situations, in fact, reconstruction on natural nails is good.
The reconstruction of natural nails is a discreet and effective method to always have perfect nails, even when you work a lot with your hands and nails are subjected to continuous micro-traumas that undermine their structure, breaking them even in a painful way.
Carrying out a reconstruction on natural nails is useful because it makes the nails incredibly stronger, resistant to shocks and to the aggressive action of detergents and detergents, allowing them to grow as long as desired.
Thanks to the reconstruction on natural nails, in fact, all the nails will be able to take the desired shape – whether it is a stiletto or square, ballerina or almond shape, according to tastes and fashions – thanks to a normal manicure; being all of the same length, they can be worked better with the appropriate files, they will not fall apart and even once worked they will all keep the desired shape.
Nails subjected to a reconstruction on natural nails carried out correctly, without scratching the original structure of the nail in any way, are absolutely not damaged. Indeed, they become increasingly stronger because the bumps are significantly cushioned by the gel or acrylic, the two main materials used for the reconstruction of the nail. Thanks to this treatment, then, the nails will all grow and without any breaking.
Hoping to have been helpful, I hug you and look forward to seeing in the next article!
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