The Perfect Makeup Look for Every Zodiac Sign


Horoscopes are actually pretty addicting. I, for one, can’t resist reading through the small section of words under my zodiac sign (Pisces), when I see it in a newspaper or magazine – and I know I’m not alone with that! One model and makeup artist, Toronto-based Setareh Hosseini, decided to take astrology and tie it right in with beauty, creating a full-faced makeup style for each of the zodiac star signs.

Along with each makeup look, Setareh gave a description of characteristics people with that sign have, which explained the beauty choices she made. And so, below you will find each of the 12 makeup looks for every zodiac sign with their accompanying descriptions.

1. Aquarius

This girl is rebellious and unpredictable. She’s all about taking unexpected action and anarchy; but there is also great wisdom, and she will always strive for the world’s soul to be kept in equilibrium.

Above all, though, she is totally captivating, even though she is terrifying, and they go hand in hand for her – she constantly skirts the line between insanity and genius; she lives in the future, and her moods and actions vary from minute to minute.

This stunning makeup look is all about sparkle and rich color. By breaking up the captivating blue on the lip with a black-lined gold stripe, she’s adding intrigue to the look, just like how the Aquarius woman is mysterious, and with a “split personality.” Going rich and bold at the eyes, she brings attention to the blue crescent at her forehead, finishing off the look perfectly with a statement.

2. Leo

This girl is a born leader and warrior. She’s the center of attention with her contagious smile and loud laugh. She’s inherently confident with sunset-glowing skin. Her internal fire burns forever, even though on the outside you might mistake her for being soft. At the core, she’s an alpha.

Naturally, Hosseini opted for a lioness makeup style for Leo, complete with gold-brown contacts. And she, of course, used a dramatic cat eye at the eyes, which adds great depth to the fierceness we know Leos have.

Everything in this look is right on point for what we would expect from a lioness makeup look, so not only is it fierce and bold, but there’s something soft about it as well, even though she is absolutely piercing the camera with her eyes.

3. Virgo

Innocence is at the base of this zodiac sign’s personality. She is earthly and clever, so her life is analytical and rooted in nature. Beauty is found all around her and blows everyone away; she is a fair maiden who will always work to find the order in a chaotic situation. She will always find justice and purity in the world.

With nature as a key feature of this sign, the makeup look for Virgo is centered around a deep emerald green. A full green lip might sound like a lot, but here it’s easy to see just how beautiful and captivating it is.

With glowing, shimmering skin, the innocence is personified, and the angular emerald lines at the eyes represent the order justice Virgos strive for. But above all, the minimal use of makeup is all about encapsulating the essence of innocence.

4. Libra

She’s charming and just; she’s balanced in thought and emotion; she’s composed on the outside, but she has hidden thorns. Libras have melodious voices and makes sure that life maintains its fairness. She keeps the scales balanced for the rest of us, and through her charm we love to follow.

For these personality traits, Hosseini used the hair as a key feature. With small win buns with dangling charms, she represents the scales of this sign.

As for the makeup style for Libra, everything is beautifully symmetrical. White dots frame her eyes and nose, bronzing powder adds depth around, and, with the exception of the lovely blue at the insides of the eyes, everything is monochromatic.

5. Scorpio

She is dark and calculating. She can take you down, with one look her eyes can penetrate to your soul, and those eyes are hypnotic. And yet, her passion is at the core of her nature, with intuition and power supplementing it. She knows how to balance out her darkness with strength, and even though half of her is hell, the other half is a divine goddess.

To capture the dark nature of the Scorpio, she kept it to black and deep red and pink. Hosseini knows how to bring it with her eyes, so her stare is right on point with that of a Scorpio.

Her liner, highlighted by a deep pink, brings so much attention to her piercing eyes. Everything leads back to her sectioned-off ponytail, acting as a scorpion tail.

6. Sagittarius

She’s a dangerous hunter, but she is driven by designer and higher purpose. She’s always seeking adventure and will never stop wandering in search of new experiences and ideas. She uses her gained higher intelligence to form a link between heaven and earth.

To encapsulate this in a makeup look, she stuck with what one might expect a fierce and flawless hunter would look like. Angular brown liner skirts the eyes, and cuts across as well, piercing through like her arrow.

The eyebrows were part of the look as well, styled parallel to the liner. The deep plum lip brought the look together in the end, though, adding in depth to the drama.

7. Capricorn

Determination, self-containment, and ambition are key characteristics for the Capricorn woman. She is loyal and strives to achieve at all costs; there’s nothing that can stand in her way when her mind is set. She knows how to take charge, but her love is as unwavering as her resolve to achieve her goals.

With a ram symbol, of course, Hosseini opted for horns on her head. But as far as the makeup was concerned, gold was the main factor. The brows were styled up straight into the hairline in a fashion that almost seemed like branches, and the gold and brown, which framed her eyes, brought even greater intensity to her already piercing eyes. Sparkly gold lips are unexpected and beautiful in their abruptness.

8. Pisces

Identified as being mysterious and ethereal, Pisces women are inherently deep with a dual soul. She is enchanting with a heart as deep as the ocean and a mind for places only she will be able to travel.

It’s the fish symbol, and Hosseini took her makeup interpretation quite literally. With a myriad of colors starting at the hairline representing scales all the way down to her plumped out lips looking really similar to those of an actual fish’s. The pale white powder all over the face makes the colors of this makeup look stand out and take a whole new, deeper, significance.

9. Aries

An Aries is always ready for battle; she is fierce and passionate, and always striving for new competition. Because she is fearless, she has a natural drive to be a ruthless leader. Yet above everything, her soul is childlike and pure, and it shows in her everyday looks.

The picture of Hosseini here perfectly encapsulates that. Her smile is as large as the large crescents of mauve above her eyes. This is a simpler makeup style compared to the others in this list, which likely comes as a nod to the purity of the zodiac sign. Of course, she couldn’t resist topping it all off with the large horns, though!

10. Taurus

She’s hot-tempered, strong-willed, and inherently stubborn. This makes her rebellious in her set ways, but even so she is a huge lover of anything that stimulates her senses. There is a sense of serenity within her that pushes her for a balanced stability that will make sure no one gets in her way.

This makeup look is especially Goth, with nearly all black makeup, down to the forever-deep lip. With the horns, leather choker, and nose ring accessorizing the look on top of that all, she dipped right into that rebellious sensibility. The liner was kept straight-lined and edgy, while she also used some sparkle to mirror that slightly masked sense of love and passion within.

11. Gemini

This zodiac sign has two sides fighting for control: absurdity and logic. That’s what makes the Gemini woman such an amazing person to be around. There is a great level of intelligence and wit, and she knows how to bring out the best and worst sides of people. She’s dangerous in this regard, but a loyal, well-meaning friend.

Styling one side as purely innocent and the other as purely dark, she really captured the best aspect of the Gemini split-personality in one look. The difference here is especially striking if you take the time to physically cover one side of the photo at a time, noting the stark contrast that can come with either side (even down to her necklace and hair choices).

The raised eyebrow, darker eye color, and mole addition to her left side were a stunning touch to keep that side dark and daring, while the lack of traits to the other side was somehow equally as striking.

12. Cancer

The deepest soul of the bunch, women under this zodiac sign may not like to show just how affected they are by their emotions. Yet, they feel them on a more impactful level; it’s difficult to get a Cancer to break down their walls, but when they do, it proves how much they trust you. You never know what to expect with them, either, due to their deep and guarded nature.

And you couldn’t possibly ask for more from a makeup look than what she is giving here. The bright yet deep red promises untold depth of character, and the carefree look on her face as she looks away adds to that mystery.

Other than that, she brings great structure to her nose by framing it with the same deep red, while bringing it all together by highlighting her face with contour and a light rouge. And, of course, those dangling claws are an amazing final touch, paired with her classically glamorous hair.

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