What are the disadvantages and contraindications of nail drills?

By: Maryton

Using a nail drill has no particular disadvantages, however, to be sure not to damage your nails, it is better to know how to handle it correctly.

Too long sanding exposure time, use of the wrong tip or loss of stability and the effects will be major on the nails. Becoming more fragile due to overly aggressive care, the nails will tend to be brittle and will no longer grow properly.

To use this device properly, I advise you to make your selection among the best nail drills and practice until you achieve perfection. The training phase on false nails or plastic helps you learn how to tame the nail drill machine, but also allows you to gain dexterity and stability.

Rechargeable Maryton Second Generation Pro Nail Drills
Rechargeable Maryton Second Generation Pro Nail Drills

As for the actual use, it is strongly recommended to wear protection such as a mouth cover when working with the nail drill. Dust and small nail debris circulate easily in the air, making inhalation very likely. This initiative will allow you to avoid allergies and other respiratory problems.

As for contraindications, I recommend that you avoid sanding your nails with a machine after removing false nails. Still weakened from the previous treatment carried out, the nails still remain sensitive for a period of 10 to 15 days. In order not to make them more vulnerable, it is better to wait until they fully recover.


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