Repairing a Broken Nail: The Best Techniques

By: Maryton

Who has never feared breaking a nail after a manicure session? Nail supply expert Maryton will reveal all tips for overcoming this common problem. But before you get started, it’s instructive to understand why our nails break.

Why do nails break?

Our nails are as unique as our hair type – some are dry, others curly and oily at the scalp. Nails are made of strong keratin, but they can be weakened by various conditions, such as frequent hand washing, deficiency or hormonal changes, not to mention the use of chemicals.

What to do in case of a broken nail?

If, despite this care, you find yourself with a broken nail, the next steps are essential. Do not tear the nail. Instead, try trimming it a little below the break and repairing it. The first step is to disinfect the nail. If they were varnished, use nail polish remover to clean them.

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How to repair a nail without shortening it?

There are two ways to repair a nail without shortening it: filling the crack with glue or making a splint with, for example, tissue paper which acts like adhesive tissue to strengthen the nail. However, I advise against excessive use of glues due to their potentially harmful composition.

And why not try tea bags? These are very thin and resistant, so they are almost invisible once placed on the nail.

You can also consider using a bandage to protect your nail, but remember that this will only hide the problem and not solve it. Apply a layer of hardener before dressing to facilitate the repair process.

What actions should you avoid in the event of a broken nail?

Avoid certain actions that weaken the nail: polishing the nail to eliminate striations, using nail clippers rather than a nail file, or leaving the nails too long. The ideal is to moisturize the cuticles and nails with oils, such as sweet almond, and do small massages to nourish them.

If your nails are streaking or splitting, solve the problem by cutting your nails shorter than usual. And remember that taking care of your nails is essential for a successful manicure. You’d better invest in some manicure supplies to care for your nails


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