Steps to make a French manicure

By: Maryton

In order to achieve a perfect French manicure, you must always start by properly caring for and cleaning the nails. Today, we will tell you the steps to make a French manicure. Let’s go around!

The first step is to apply the base coat. This step must be carried out with care, because the product applied serves as protection for the nail. After this step, we make an invisible design from one end to the other on the edge of the nails. Before moving on to the next step, allow a drying time of 10 to 15 minutes.

The next step is to apply a varnish making the French manicure look natural. Once this step is completed, we move on to the last step: the application of the finishing coat. The top coat is a transparent varnish. It takes a coat or two to get a better shine. Since it is a very delicate exercise, it is therefore necessary to respect each step.

OK! You have know the steps to make a French manicure! In addition, you also need a gentle manicure set to prepare your nails.

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