Nail art: Fur nails

By: Maryton

This is the new big trend for nails: fur nails also called Furry Nails. Everyone wants it. Hairs on the nails, can we believe it? Your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you ideas!

How to make a fur manicure?

First choose the desired color of the nail fur. Then, apply a coat of varnish that is very close to the chosen color. Before the polish dries, dip the nail into the “fur” pot and squeeze well so that the “hairs” adhere to the surface of the nail. After a brief pause, dust around the nail with a brush. Let it dry for a few more seconds, and it’s ready! In less than 5 minutes, your nails are dressed in original and colorful fake fur!

Following the trend of aquarium nails and mirror nails, fur nails have that little extra detail that makes the difference. It is a new expression of nail art, which has not finished surprising us.

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