How to maintain your short nails?

By: Maryton

Many women wear their nails short for a variety of reasons. However, there are a few recommendations to keep in mind before you start sprucing up your fingertips. Not sure what nail polish to wear on short nails? The Maryton nail supply will elaborate in the following article. You will know everything below!

The maintenance of short nails

Regardless of the size of your nails, maintenance is as important as that of the skin. We advise you to round the ends with a file first. To preserve the health of your nails and boost regrowth, we also advise you to let them breathe from time to time.

Moisturize your hands regularly and massage your nails. Once a week, opt for a greasy treatment, such as castor oil for example, to strengthen the keratin naturally present in the nails. To equalize, we avoid using a nail clipper and we prefer the nail file, which is softer. Once a month, clean your nails to avoid unsightly yellowish stains.

Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets

To do this, lightly brush the nail with a suitable accessory or an old toothbrush before warm water and mild soap. Once the cuticles have softened with water, we take the opportunity to push them back. However, they should never be cut! They protect you from infection-causing bacteria. Once this maintenance of the short nails has been carried out, it is possible to proceed to the application of nail polish after having applied a base or a top coat.

You now know how to maintain your short nails, take into action quickly. As instruments to the manicure, we offer you lots of manicure sets. If you prefer disposable products you will also find them on our nail supply store online.

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