Pedicure: what are the coolest trends of the moment?

By: Maryton

Nude or colored varnish… We all have our habits when it comes to highlighting our feet when the first heats arrive. But which pedicure to adopt? Here are 6 trends that will surely please you!

The holographic effect: the twist that makes the difference

Offered by a chrome powder or by the affixing of reflective glitter on a nude varnish, this result will make you want to show your little feet to the whole world.

The very peri: the color of the season

This light, light purple with lavender undertones is a must-have for both fashion and beauty. And if we can give you a little advice: it is clearly on him that you have to bet this season.

Velvet nails: the fancy pedicure

Velvet, its texture can make more than one flee. But decorating our nails with a glittery varnish whose velvet effect is revealed by a polished magnet! In this way, the sequins are revealed on the surface and the velvet side becomes more striking.

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La French: timeless

The French is a timeless classic that makes everyone agree. White or colored… It highlights the shape of the nail and the filing.

Swirls: the psychedelic effect that hits the mark

Remember the swirls? This season, it is not on the hands that we find them but on the feet. And when they are drawn with punchy colors, it is rather stylish.

White toes: always a success

Simple, basic, white nails are no longer synonymous with a white pedicure but rather an elegant way to highlight your toenails. In addition, it is one of the pedicures that stand out best when wearing sandals.

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