A semi-permanent and healthy nail polish

By: Maryton

When it comes to the nail beauty, nail polish is far from unanimous. As a result, we often fall for the semi-permanent which allows to obtain a quality manicure and capable of lasting more than a week. But when we look at the composition of these cosmetics, it is difficult to be completely satisfied.

How to have a perfect manicure?

The semi-permanent allows you to have pretty hands for ten days. But it has the downside of its advantages. If we take few risks by offering this type of manicure in an institute, when we do it at home, we tend to do this beauty treatment in a hurry. For example, a semi-permanent nail polish should never be applied to unhealthy nails. Or, the removal must be done gently or risk damaging the keratin of our nails.

The semi-permanent green

A semi-permanent varnish that lasts but does not damage our nails? We had to think about it … and find the perfect formula. Manucurist did. The green varnish is a revolutionary semi-permanent varnish because it is made up of natural ingredients and can last for 10 days! What’s more than a classic semi-permanent?

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  1. it is monomer-free, a component that allows the gel to harden under the LED lamp.
  2. it is free of hydroquinone, a component that keeps the liquid varnish in its bottle.
  3. it comes off easily and doesn’t require the use of a strong nail polish remover containing acetone.

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