Nail art: how to make sailor nails

By: Maryton

Want a Jean-Paul Gaultier effect on your nails? Nail art gives you a so French look. To be trendy to the tips of your nails, discover here some varnish tips to make your sailor nails.

Handmade sailor nails

To make sailor nails, you don’t need an arsenal of manicures, you just need two varnishes and a roll of tape. First apply the first polish all over the nail and wait a few minutes. Once it is dry, cut a few thin strips of tape and place them on your varnished nails to create a sailor pattern. Then apply the second polish. Wait again until it is completely dry, then remove the strips of tape.

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Sailor nails: stamping and stickers

There are other techniques, a little faster, such as stickers for example, which you can find in stores. They usually come in different sizes, suitable for all types of nails. Quick to apply, they require no drying time and guarantee a smudge-free result. The technique consists of applying the stripes using a pad that can be reused to make many stripes and other patterns.

Obviously, this is only an example and there are a multitude of ways to obtain an amazing result! Ready to launch? Before you start, suggest you go to our Maryton website, which has a lot of manicure supplies. Moreover, we’re full of inspiration with the most beautiful nail art!

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