Make-up tutorial: 6 chic and easy-to-make manicures

By: Maryton

Do you want glamorous and distinguished hands? This article gives six original looks that allow you to easily adopt the popular colors this season. Take your manicure kit and follow us!

Manicure tutorial: the shades of brown

This manicure allows you to display an original look. You can play with browns, but also reds or purples for example. For the effect to be successful, apply the lacquers from the clearest to the most intense. On the other hand, you can invert the colors, lighter on the thumb, darker on the little finger.

Manicure tutorial: the precious touch

Give a little fantasy to a classic manicure by playing the jewel effect on a single nail. If you prefer, you can choose a silver, a bronze, a vermeil… all the colors that can evoke refined metals. Attention, metallic colors do not support imperfections.

Manicure tutorial: the two-tone diagonal

Play up the graphic and chic effect with a duo of contrasting colours. Khaki and pink, navy blue and light green, plum and lilac…

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Manicure tutorial: the colored French

Twist the classic French manicure with a dash of color. Choose a deep shade like midnight blue, burgundy or green.

Manicure tutorial: the heart manicure

Revisit the French manicure by giving it an even more glamorous look. Replace the edging at the edge of the nail with a heart. Tip: this type of manicure should be done on rounded or almond-shaped nails.

Manicure tutorial: the confetti effect

It’s an easy and quick way to bring a little touch of fantasy and elegance to a rather wise manicure.

All right! Give your nails the most popular nail colors of the season! Moreover, to discover more products to realize your nail beauty just contact our Matyton.

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