Glass nails: a new manicure trend?

By: Maryton

We love nails that shine like stars, and this nail art has emerged. This trend is inspired by the shape and colors of precious stones, mirrors and glazed structures. As you can see in this article, the glass manicure can be worn on short or very long nails, in total look or in small touches.

Are we getting started? Be careful, to display the nails of the Snow Queen, you will need a lot of patience because this look is rather complex to achieve! To simplify the process, you can choose to apply a single small diamond or play the card of transparency by spacing the diamonds from each other.

Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets

This nail art doesn’t need too professional technology, you can do it at home… just have manicure supplies! The whole process is also very simple. Are you going to test? Take into action! If you are suffer from no nail tools, don’t be panic! We have everything all you need in nail supply store online.

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