I have soft nails: what to do?

By: Maryton

Do your nails twist, they bend at the slightest shock? That means they are soft. Do you know how to enhance the soft nails? In this article, we will tell you how to maintain them so that they regain their health.

Soft nails are caused by several factors. The first is genetic: it may be their original nature. Then, they can be weakened by unsuitable products or the regular application of false nails. This type of nail picks up substances around it. These nails are therefore softer and the varnish has trouble sticking to them. Here are the steps of how to successfully reinforce them:

1. Use fortifying bases

Hardeners are effective in giving strength to the nail. If they are soft, you can abuse these types of products and carry out cures regularly. A cure lasts about a month and can be repeated three times a year. Another tip: cut them flush to avoid breakage.

2. Adopt the right gestures

If the fortifying product can be effective in hardening the visible part of the nail, it is also important to take care of its matrix. You can massage the root of the nail with balms. The massage will activate the microcirculation and the fatty substance will provide nutrition, which will allow the nail to start growing in good health.

3. Apply semi-permanent varnish

Basically, the semi is a good idea, but if the nails are wet, the hold will be reduced to a week or even ten days. Once the varnish has been removed, you will need to take care of your nails by cutting them short and massaging them well with a greasy substance.

Ok! Now that you know how to reinforce the soft nails, bring your manicure supplies and start a perfect nail ride! If you don’t have, welcome to browse our nail supply store online, which has a wide variety of nail nail beauty products.

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