Hot nails: the right care and accessory duos

By: Maryton

Show off well-groomed hands and pretty nails by betting on smart accessories, fortifying treatments and gentle formulas. Take out your manicure supplies and pick from our 4 personalized proposals the selection that suits you best.

Do you want a treatment that works miracles? To make your nails whiter and more resistant, bet on vitamin E, sweet almond and kuku nut oils. Just shake to mix the 3 phases, apply then massage for a few seconds for an express beauty treatment. That’s it !

Professional Half Moon Manicure Implement Sponge Nail File

Want an SOS accessory? A double-ended file, into your bag. Each of the ends has its own function: on one side thick grains to shorten the nail, on the other a softer surface to use as a finish or for a simple touch-up.

Do you want a tailor-made result without getting tired? You will fall for Help My Fingers from Etude House, unique and playful single-dose masks for fingers. In a few minutes of application time, their formula hydrates your nails and exfoliates dead skin. Rinse, your nails are thicker and your cuticles softened, easier to work with.

Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets Bulk Sale

Do you want to protect your active woman nails? Take the time to fortify treatment. Their complementary formulas protect your nails from chlorine, dishwashing liquid or repeated shocks on the keyboard.

Want a nomadic file? Quickly slip the Set of 3 Mini Nail Files Beauty Snack into your pocket, a harmless matchbook that actually contains not one but 4 mini nail files. They unsheath individually in any place to catch a hitch. Practical.

Is it less complicated? Believe in yourself! Nail kits are sale at Maryton website, go through it if you need it.

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