Which products to choose to have pretty feet?

By: Maryton

Neglected all winter, it’s high time to take care of the beauty of your feet. Repairing, exfoliating, nourishing treatments… Discover the essential pedicure kits to quickly display pretty toes.

Exfoliate! With age and the friction of shoes, the skin on the underside of the feet becomes dry, even rough. In order to refine and soften this layer of dry, hard skin, it is essential to exfoliate it with a pumice stone. However, be careful not to remove too much thickness, you risk having raw skin.

Foot Pumice Stone for Feet Hard Skin Callus Remover and Scrubber

Make masks! Intensely moisturize your feet by slipping them into these single-use slippers, which filled in serum or cream rich in nourishing agents. As a bonus, you can savor during the 20 minutes a feeling of freshness, relaxing and revitalizing.

Tame the cuticles! After the mask or the bath, take the time to push back these small unsightly skins which invade the nail. Do not cut them, they will grow back faster and thicker. Use a wooden stick will be better.

File! Even the toenails do get filed. If they are a little long, shorten them beforehand with nail clippers, or scissors with curved blades. Then use a nail file to finish giving them the shape you want.

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