Reconstruction of damaged nails

By: Maryton

some women are unlucky enough to have poor quality nails: soft, flat, droopy, tendency to come off… It’s a certain malaise in her femininity. Fortunately today, gel is the solution to find beautiful nails, beautiful hands. Today , we will talk about the reconstruction of damaged nails.

Watch out for your cuticles! They are very important and don’t cut them! Women tend to want to get rid of these unsightly skin. Never do that! The cuticles protect against bacteria that could slip between the skin and the nail, they maintain and direct the nail in its growth. I have seen too often that by cutting them this causes the nail to peel off!

Waves may appear and the nail detaches from its plate, holding me longer. Moreover when they are cut, the cuticles grow back thicker, harder, uglier… it’s a vicious circle… Just moisturize them, oil them, massage them to (re)give them flexibility.

In addition to these tips listed above, you maintain your nails regularly with manicure kits to help you reconstruction the damaged nails. This article was created from the famous brand of Maryton. Visit our website to discover more nail beauty products!

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