The best vitamins for beautiful nails

By: Maryton

A poor diet can be the cause of ridged, brittle or soft nails. To counter this phenomenon and find healthy nails, vitamins will be your best allies. What are the best vitamins for beautiful nails? Follow us!

Vitamin to strengthen the nails: biotin

Biotin, or vitamin B8, is the main vitamin to consume to strengthen the nails. Because it increases the resistance of the nails. It can be found in eggs, nuts, avocado, carrots, spinach, mushrooms, fish, white meats, dairy products, lime, orange and apple. As a general rule, a balanced diet can cover these needs.

Vitamin B12 to harden nails

This vitamin is also necessary to have beautiful nails. It allows the body to produce red blood cells. Conversely, a lack of vitamin B12 will weaken the body. To overcome this lack and harden the nails, we eat meat, shellfish, fish, cheese and eggs.

Vitamin C for brittle nails

Iron deficiency anemia is one of the causes of brittle nails. To avoid it, you must take vitamin C, known to promote and increase the absorption of iron. In addition, it participates in the formation of red blood cells. Vitamin C is found in peppers, broccoli, papaya, kiwi, orange or mango.

Vitamin E to say goodbye to ridged nails

This vitamin has an antioxidant function, it limits the aging of the nails and hydrates them. To do this, you have to bet on oils, which are rich in vitamin E: hazelnut, rapeseed, sunflower, olive oil… Fruits and vegetables serve as complements.

What about dietary supplements for nails?

Many dietary supplements aimed at maintaining or restoring good nail health. Enriched with vitamins, they aim to compensate for the deficiencies of an unbalanced diet. But are they really effective? It really depends. Each person is different and their needs may vary depending on the period.

In addition to these vitamins listed above, you maintain your nails regularly with manicure kits. This article was created from the famous brand of Maryton. Visit our website to discover more nail beauty products!

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