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By: Maryton

For a nice manicure it is important to have healthy nails. People says good health will have smooth, robust and very white nails. In our Maryton, we like to take advantage of the treasures that nature offers us. Here are some 100% natural ingredients for healthy nails!

A healthy diet

It’s no secret that the starting point for healthy nails is diet. Ideally healthy, balanced, rich in magnesium and vitamin E, and accompanied by plenty of liquids. Moreover, brittle, soft or spotted nails can indicate a health problem or a nutritional deficiency.

Frequent cleaning

Cleaning your nails is not easy for everyone. And yet it is an essential gesture to whiten the nails. Painless and very easy, you just need to scratch a soap 2 or 3 times, emulsify under running water, and rinse!

A regular cut

The sunna of nails is to cut them at least every 40 days. By cutting the nail, it is thus made stronger and more resistant. This also avoids the harmful effects of bacteria coming to nest underneath. Remember to shorten them regularly with a nail file.

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Castor oil as desired

Castor oil on the nails is really a favorite treatment. Apply in massage daily and preferably in the evening, for stronger nails, which grow faster and less dry cuticles. Be careful, being a little thick and very greasy, it is important to dose this oil sparingly.

lemon baths

Antibacterial and natural whitening, lemon is a treasure. Rubbing your nails with a quarter of a lemon regularly will whiten your nails effortlessly and instantly.

After using our little tips, all you have to do is choose a professional manicure kit from all those we offer. Let’s end with happy: because the beauty of every women’s hands deserves the best, it’s in our shop that you’ll find what you’re looking for!

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