Tips and Nail Shapes to Stay Up to Date

By: Maryton

Nails are an important part of a woman’s style, which is why we must regularly take care of them with the professional manicure and pedicure sets, to make them stronger and more beautiful for longer. There are many styles, but choose which styles and shapes of a nail depends on several factors, such as personal tastes and styles.


This nail shape is very easy to work because we only have to file in a straight line the upper part of the nail, leaving the right angles without them shrinking. It is arguably one of the strongest forms, allowing for better natural nail growth. However, it can sometimes be embarrassing to have nails with very tapered tips.


One of the favorite shapes for those who like to have short nails. Its shape begins in the same way as square nails, by rounding the angles and edges of the nail, while following the natural line of the finger. It is a simple and classic shape, but also strong and easy to maintain.


To obtain oval nails, we must file the nails with a more pronounced curvature, filing the tips in the shape of an oval and a little less the edges of the nail. Depending on the hardness of the nails, in some cases this shape can weaken them. It is a shape that slims down the hands with longer and wider nails.

In almonds

If you want to proudly wear attractive nails, this is your style. This shape is achieved by filing the sides of the nails, giving the tips a softer, semi-circular shape.

pointed nails

We must warn you that this is a very fragile and weak form. In order to make pointed nails, we need to file the edges of the nails to form a point. We recommend that you strengthen this type of nails with gel.

But which style is best suited? It all depends on the shape of your hands and fingers. For example: for thin little fingers, it is better to use the oval style, because this shape gives an effect of size to the fingers. On the other hand, if you have wide fingers, the almond or pointed shape is ideal, and the longer the nails, the thinner the hand will be. Square nails are perfect for women with very thin fingers.

So, what are you waiting for? Get quickly and choose the shape of your nails best. At the same time, we also sincerely invite you to click our site to discover more nail beauty products.

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