The Russian manicure, a solution for flawless nails

By: Maryton

Say goodbye to cuticles, dead skin and streaks: the Russian manicure is an implacable technique to display nickel nails. How? ‘Or’ What ? A perfect mastery of the sander, in the hands of a professional.

The Russian manicure consists of preparing the natural nail using a tool that will push back the cuticles using specific tools of different sizes. The tool used is essential in this type of technique, as well as the experience of the nail expert who handles it “in order to avoid any risk of injury, warns Faïna Khoutova Bustamante. It is also essential to have perfect hygiene.”

Russian manicure: your nails without any defect

The biggest advantage of the Russian manicure remains in its natural, clean and neat appearance. This technique has the benefit of effectively pushing back the cuticles. It is used with a manicure set, in order to “sculpt” your nails with the greatest possible precision. In addition, the Russian manicure can be particularly suitable for weakened, short or bitten nails. Indeed, this beauty treatment gives you visibly longer nails, because they are better designed.

Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets

Russian manicure: A neat nail gently and lightly

The tips of the nail grinder, essential for performing a Russian manicure, adapt to the different areas of the nail to file it without ever damaging it. They make it possible to reach more sensitive areas, at the birth of the nail for example, without directly touching the skin of the fingers. Finally, the Russian manicure gives you a little boost to your nails, by ridding them of cuticles and small skins that reduce the realization of your manicures.

The big advantage of this fast and effective technique is that it adapts to the greatest number. “The Russian manicure is suitable for all types of nails, even the most fragile, because it will help prepare and solidify the nail and also lengthen it by pushing the cuticles higher”.

We can renew this sanding systematically that we come to an institute because it is not supposed to damage the surface of the nail. So, girls! What are you waiting for? Take your nail products to have a Russian manicure. For your nail products, I advise you to take a look at this site, you will find everything you need.

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