How to choose your nail file?

By: Maryton

Until now I thought that whatever nail file I chose, as long as it filed my nails it would do the trick… well I was wrong! There are indeed several types of nail files with more or less good effects for our nails and with more or less different actions.

The longevity of metal files

They are most often found in manicure kits and they are of good quality because they last a long time. On the other hand, it is necessary to pay attention to the streaks drawn on its surface because if these are badly arranged they will strongly attack your nails. To avoid damaging them, the streaks must be regular and not too far apart.

The softness and fragility of glass files

This file has a rough surface, lasts a very long time provided you take care of it, no question of putting it in your bag and be careful not to drop it. It remains the softest for our nails but is often unpleasant for its user who undergoes a kind of “vibration”.

Functions of electric nail drill

They have several functions, such as exfoliating, grinding,polishing and nail removing. Here too, it must be used with caution because if you polish your nails too much, you will weaken them and misused electric nail drill can damage your nails.

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The softness of disposable cardboard files

These are the ones that are used for the semi-permanent varnish but be careful not to take the files that are found in stores in packs of 10 and which are often white and silvery. These are often of poor quality and risk attacking your nails.

You will surely find yourself confronted with the multitude of choices that exist on the shelves of your nail salon / cosmetics store, it is because there are different “grains” of file. the higher the number, the coarser and sharper the grit:

To file your nails optimally and most effectively without damaging them, there are a few small rules to follow. Start with the sides of your nail to give it the shape you want (rounded or square) and then go to the tip of the nail. Be careful not to file it too often and not to go back and forth, you must always file your nail in the same direction.

Hoping to have been helpful! If you want to know more about manicure products, just click here!

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