10 Worst Things You Can Do To Your Nails

By: Maryton

We all want to have beautiful nails, but sometimes we don’t treat them the right way. Here are the behaviors to stop immediately to take better care of your nails. You will see, they will be much more beautiful and healthier!

1. Tear off your gel polish

When you do that, your nail layers will become very thin and cause little bumps that last for months. Therefore, you can also soak your fingertips in the nail polish remover for about ten minutes before removing it.

2. Cut his cuticles

Cuticles are used to protect the skin from infections. If you cut them and cause an injury, it creates an entry point for bacteria and it weakens the skin. On the contrary, you can apply a cream or a specialized product for the cuticles and gently push them back with a wooden stick.

3. Dip your hands in water

The nails are like a sponge, they absorb water and expand slightly. When they dry, they return to their normal size. So, when you apply varnish right after soaking, it is bound to contract a bit and then tend to chip off more easily. On the contrary, you can simply apply a cuticle product instead.

4. Get acrylic nails

We will dare to say it again: acrylic varnish is really bad for the nails. It is not for nothing that the nails then need several months to recover from them. On the contrary, you can apply plastic false nails. They will have virtually the same effect and durability, while being much less damaging to the nails.

5. File your nails with a back and forth motion

If you file them like that, it’s the equivalent of cutting your hair with blunt scissors. The end can get much thinner and even fray a bit, while the sides will stay strong. On the contrary, you should use the professional nail files and file in one direction.

6. Bite your nails

The nails become weak and friable, they can become deformed, saliva and micro-injuries can cause infections, etc. It is terrible for your nails and not just for the aesthetic side! On the contrary, you can apply a really bad tasting repellant to your nails to help break the habit.

7. Put varnish on oily or greasy nails

It is a very good habit to apply oil or cream to the nails before your manicure. However, you really have to take care to remove these products. It’s not really that it causes damage to the nails, but rather that the manicure will be much less durable. On the contrary, Use a makeup remover pad with a bit of nail polish remover on it and run it over each nail before applying the polish.

8. Remove his varnish with cotton balls

It’s convenient and it really doesn’t cost much, but it will cause lots of little fibers and mini lint on your nails. On the contrary, Use something that is lint-free, such as makeup remover pads or paper towels.

9. Apply too many coats of varnish

If you apply too much polish, it will take much longer to dry and increases the risk of your fingernails getting caught on something. Especially since the appearance will be uneven, as if there were bumps on the nails. On the contrary, you should Wipe brush well on rim of bottle and apply only two thin coats.

10. Dilute your varnish with nail polish remover

It’s something like a “Pinterest hack” that you might have seen, proclaiming that when your polish starts to get thicker or drier, you can add a few drops of nail polish remover to bring it back to normal. On the contrary, don’t use too much, which will make the varnish last less. 

Hoping to have been helpful! If you want to know more about nail products, just click here!

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