Everything to get started in gel manicure technique products and nail art inspirations

Everything to Get Started in Gel Manicure: Technique, Products and Nail Art Inspirations!

By: Maryton

We all love to have beautiful, well-polished nails. However, what is frankly less pleasant is all the time spent touching up the peeling nail polish! Because let’s face it: rare are the nail polishes that last more than two days…

The solution? The gel manicure! Honestly girls, it changes a life (at least it gives you a much less busy life of endlessly touching your nails!). You will see, you will stop obsessing over the condition of your manicure.

Here’s everything you need to know to get started with a gel manicure.

Steps for a successful gel manicure

Before you start, a few easy tips for a successful gel manicure!

Step 1: Prepare the nails

Firstly, equip yourself with professional nail care kit.

Using a small, sharp-tipped wooden stick, gently push back all of the cuticles at the base of and around your nails. Take the opportunity to file your nails in the desired shape (straight, round or almond).

A little sanding on the top to gently remove imperfections, then clean with a little isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) or a cleaning liquid for better adhesion (this liquid usually comes with gel manicure sets). Now your nails are ready!

Step 2: The base coat

Apply a gel base coat before polish, to protect your nails and prevent them from turning yellow. Take the time to thoroughly dry this first coat under the lamp (the drying time is mentioned in the instructions for the gel manicure sets).

Step 3: The color

Now apply the gel polish in the color of your choice. Now is the time to let your creativity run wild; colors and patterns … Anything goes!

You can use any brand of varnish, the important thing is that it is designed for this type of application. Before starting to apply your gel polish, shake well to mix all the components of the polish.

For a better result, apply several thin coats, which you will dry a good 60 seconds each under the lamp.

Quick tip: If your fingers are overflowing, take the time to clean them well with acetone before putting them under the light.

Step 4: The topcoat

Once the desired color is reached, we apply a top coat (the same gel polish as for the base coat) to keep our nails beautiful as long as possible. We put it back under the UV lamp for the last time.

Finally, to remove the sticky effect of our gel polish topcoat, we apply our isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) or the cleaning liquid from the kit to a lint-free cloth and we rub it on each of our nails.

Ta-dam! Now your manicure will stand up to the hardships of everyday life (aka washing dishes).

Step 5: Cleaning

Despite your enthusiasm for your beautiful nails, a few days of rest will help them stay healthy.

There are several techniques for removing your gel nail polish. Here is a foolproof technique that won’t damage your nails:

  • soak your nails in acetone to melt the product;
  • soak a cotton ball in solvent;
  • rub the cotton on your nails;
  • wrap your fingertips in aluminum foil.

Okay, we agree, the look isn’t great, but the results are worth it. You will only have to file off the remaining thin layer.

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