Varnish for men

Varnish for men

By: Maryton

In recent years, men are taking more and more care of their appearance. Between hair removal, skin masks, men are no longer ashamed to show off their ” girly ” side. For good reason, an emerging fashion is all the rage in Hollywood: nail polish for men.

1 – History

Manicure for men is not a new phenomenon. Indeed, men have taken care of their nails since ancient times. The Babylonians and Egyptians of the time of the pharaohs used henna and kohl to color their nails. It was a symbol of authority and social status.

This fashion has resurfaced sporadically. Two relevant examples are those of the drag queens who were the standard bearers of false nails, as well as the punks or goths who painted their nails black. However, this late twentieth century sign of rebellion has once again become a fad.

2 – Emerging fashion in the United States and Japan

Although it may come as a surprise, many men now dare to have manicure and pedicure set and to show off with their nails painted. Between movie and music stars, you just have to take a look at social networks to realize it.

Two regions of the world seem to be the most affected by this fashion: Japan and the United States. Indeed, Hollywood stars are showing themselves more and more with varnished and well-filed nails. Cosmetics brands are also making their contribution by creating their own lines of varnish dedicated exclusively to men.

As far as Japan is concerned, it seems above all that fashion has especially appealed to young people. Actors, musicians and businessmen, no one has escaped it. They love varnish, false nails and especially Nail Art.

Regarding Europe, nail polish is not yet a fashion phenomenon. Few of them resort to a manicure. Men’s varnish therefore remains confined to punks, goths and drag queens.

3 – Services most requested by men

Although nail prosthesis gradually begins to pierce men’s hearts, they are still more attracted to sobriety. Indeed, the majority of men who have dared to take the plunge prefer to apply a dark-colored varnish. According to the testimonies of estheticians and nail technicians, the most popular colors are black, blue, green, purple and burgundy. It happens that some people varnish a single nail or choose several colors for different fingers.

The French manicure is gaining ground with several amateurs who appear more and more. This is the case of Rap singer Snoop Dogg, who launched ” Snoop Nails ” and who admits to being a fan of this type of manicure.

Nail Art has, for its part, seduced the Japanese. Indeed, there is a fashion in Japan where young business executives have nail polishes and false nails with the most extravagant patterns applied: precious stones and company logos being the most common.

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