The TWS Headphones That Challenge Apple's Airpods for Just $79

The TWS Headphones That Challenge Apple’s Airpods for Just $79


PaMu Scroll are the new headphones that at the time of this writing are in full campaign on Indiegogo. They came to the headlines because for the first “investors”, the price is definitely lower than it will be in the future (less than $39 against $149 that will be requested when the campaign has come to an end).


PaMu Scroll Bluetooth Earphones with Wireless Charge

Padmate Tech (name of the company that produces the PaMu Scroll) is a well-known company because it already produces headphones for various important companies. They were not born yesterday and they are not even those companies that seem to promise air.

Padmate Tech has existed for some time, has its own production and is using a crowdfunding campaign for the sole reason of reaching as many people as possible and making itself known, as well as offering the product at a favorable price for the first buyers.

PaMu Scrolls are headphones that promise a lot and those who try them say they are really incredible, especially for the price we will pay for when the campaign is active.

The main features are:

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Full-bodied bass
  • Leather case that allows you to charge our headphones twice
  • Possibility of redoing wireless by purchasing the additional charge (pamu wireless charging receiver on offer for $19 currently)
  • Resistant to rain and sweat
  • Touch controls
  • Compatible with Siri


Indiegogo is a crowdfunding site. It is not an online shop, therefore no guarantee, not even that the goods arrive there. You are in fact investors of a certain company, believe in that product and stop.

In cases like these, in exchange for your support, you are promised to receive the product. In the past there have been cases where the goods have not been sent or were not as promised initially.

However PaMu (Padmate Tech) has already shipped products in the past and has already begun to ship these PaMu Scrolls to the first investors. So if you want these wireless headphones for less than $39 instead of the $149 that will be requested in the future, we advise you to hurry up, remembering that you are not buying a product from an online store but you are investing in this company.

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