PaMu Scroll Bluetooth Earphones with Wireless Charge

PaMu Scroll Bluetooth Earphones with Wireless Charge


In the sea of ​​headphones available on the market today, we point out this true wireless device, with very stable audio quality and connection! I tried them in the last few weeks and now I have the review ready, the earphones that stand out in a super crowded market for some special features.

They were launched on Indiegogo, where they met with great success, collecting the support of almost 60,000 people in 100 countries, with a total collection of over 3 million dollars.

The most relevant features of Padmate PaMu Scroll

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX6 certification
  • Weight 5 grams per earphone
  • Continuous playback time: 3.5 hours
  • Wireless charge with optional accessory
  • The heart of the system is built around the bluetooth 5.0 standard, with a transmission speed that is double compared to the past, a distance that is 4 times larger and an amount of data transmitted 8 times higher.

The result is heard because the audio is crystal clear, the bass is excellent, but not excessive, the duration with a single charge is of all respect if we consider the weight and the overall volume of the earphones.

Through an accessory, which is not included in the sales package, the micro USB socket – pamu wireless charging receiver becomes a wireless charging port. The same accessory can also be used with other MicroUSB devices, for compabulation with wireless charging, even if it is not taken for granted that the system works, because the condition is that the connected object is able to remain vertically above the charger.

How PadMate PaMu Scroll works

When you remove the earphones from the case, they automatically match each other and activate the Bluetooth pairing mode. From the device you want to connect, just search for PaMu Scroll to complete the pairing without the need for access codes.

PaMu Scroll Bluetooth Earphones with Wireless Charge

The surface of the earphones controls the start and stop of playback, but there are no volume controls, for which you will have to use the connected device.

One touch activates the commands: Play, Stop, Pause

Two touches: track forward, SIRI activation, call rejected.

Sound insulation from the outside is good, even if there is no real Active Noise Canceling option.

Every single charge, as anticipated, allows you to play music continuously for about 3.5 hours, which become 10 if instead you connect to your smartphone for telephone conversations. The standby battery life is approximately 100 hours.

Each full charge of the case allows you to “refresh” the earphones 3 times, so with a single charge you get about 10.5 hours of music playback and 30 hours of telephone conversations.

An important detail: phone calls are reproduced on both headsets. It seems a secondary aspect, but it is an advantage compared to some models that reproduce the audio of conversations on a single headset.

The size of the earbuds is minimal and it is difficult to see them when you worn, but despite the extreme miniaturization the audio in conversation is excellent and also the interlocutor will hear you well, because the microphone captures the voice is great, handling very well the noise around you.

Price and availability

The Padmate PaMu Scroll earphones have a launch price of $75, you can keep an eye on the Moldac.

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