Padmate Tempo T5 TWS Headphones Review

Padmate Tempo T5 TWS Headphones Review


After being overwhelmingly popular for Padmate In previous versions, we also have a new pamu earbuds to introduce. That is the Tempo T5, let’s talk about the specification of it. Tempo t5 support Bluetooth 5.0, waterproof IPX6, with a very light weight and wear comfortable, no distractions. Comes with a case for charging the headphones in a small size, easy to carry, perfect fit, beautiful design, elegant with outstanding carry in the bag comfortably.

Padmate Tempo T5 TWS Headphones Review

In addition, the headset also supports Auto Pairing when removed from the case. The device can be used immediately. Control of playback, receiving calls is easy with the touch, comes with the built-in microphone. Great sounding, relax with the nature of the sound. The earpiece is designed according to the ergonomics. Comfortable to wear, do not fall out of your ears and do not feel uncomfortable while in use. Come with waterproof IPX6 level, causing no worry about rain or moisture or even sweat while doing various activities. In addition, the case can be used to recharge the headphones. Charging 1 hours and 15 minutes can use the headset for up to 3.5 hours, and the case can use to charge 2 more times and use it for about 10 hours.

Play control

  • Play music / stop playing: Tap the right earpiece 1 time
  • Answer / end calls: Tap the right earpiece 1 time.
  • Change music: Tap the right ear twice.
  • Reject call / hang up: Tap the right 2 times.


Mid mid
Sound texture, the singer’s voice is clear. Do not fling, do not push, listen comfortable, detailed well done, no need to focus too much.

High high
Slightly rounded tip but not opaque. The open sound is transparent.

Deep bass
The bass texture is tight, not swollen, not overflowing, not dry enough.

Made out well, wide enough, and the sound dimension does not go over other areas. Musical piece Appropriate, overall, will give you a comfortable feeling.


The sound path will go out, very clear and smooth. Suitable for those who like comfortable sounds, listen to it have complete details. This is a good choice. Buy now at Moldac.

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