Pamu Slide A Valid Alternative to AirPods!

Pamu Slide A Valid Alternative to AirPods!


Many of you will know and have already heard about the Pamu brand for some time. This startup, in fact, met with great success with the release of the true wireless Pamu Scroll headphones, which for the first time presented a connection stability and a general quality able to compete with Apple’s true wireless earbuds.

The company, given the phenomenal success of the previous generation, decided to innovate and improve the true wireless headset concept with the release of new TWS earphones called Pamu Slide.


Pamu Slide arrive on the market equipped with all the features we can expect from a new generation of true wireless earphones. They are in fact equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, supplied by a Qualcomm microcontroller chip capable of ensuring excellent connection stability.

Of course there is no lack of gestures to interact with the musical controls of your smartphone and to be able to call up the various voice assistants. With a tap we can start or pause our music, while holding down the two headphones you have the possibility to interact directly with volume controls.

The charging box, moreover, thanks to the 2000 mAh battery, provides a really interesting feature. It is in fact possible to use the box as a small portable power bank equipped with wireless charging, which can be enabled by simply pressing a dedicated button on the rear.

Pamu Slide A Valid Alternative to AirPods!


Pamu Slide, during our use, behaved really well. The battery of the headphones is really good, about 10 hours of continuous listening without the box. The box, on the other hand, guarantees the headphones can be recharged for up to 40 hours of listening, thanks to the large 2000 mAh battery.

But the size of the box, which is not very comfortable to carry around and is much more cumbersome than those offered by the more famous true wireless alternatives. However, it repays us with a feature set much richer than normal.

The audio quality is good. The basses are very powerful, but in no way cover the high and medium frequencies, thus ensuring an excellent listening pleasure, which must obviously be compared with the category to which these headphones belong.

This is certainly not a product from audiophiles, but Pamu Slides still manage to provide the general public with excellent overall quality that is reflected in all aspects of operation, starting with the stability of the Bluetooth connection which others does not on this product category , it is absolutely obvious.


The Pamu Slide headphones are currently available for purchase through the crowdfunding campaign launched a few days ago on the famous Indiegogo site. The basic package, which contains only the headphones and the related top-up box, is offered at a price of $ 49, exclusive for the Indiegogo campaign. And after the crowdfunding, we can buy them from the larget distributor of the company called Moldac.

Obviously, you will have to take into account that crowdfunding projects are not always able to deliver the product in times that we are used to, because these are projects under development, which therefore require more time than normal.

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