First Looks of PaMu Slide Bluetooth Earbuds


I’m an avid runner, and I work out five days a week; and anyone who runs, knows that running can be a bit boring without music. If you’re an active runner, you also know that choosing the right earbuds can make or break a good run or workout. I’ve reviewed some different generations of earbuds like the Padmate PAMU X13, the PAMU Scroll and the Surge Mini…and I really like to test the latest models as they hit the market.

Today I’ll be sampling the new PaMu Slide Earbuds. If you’re not familiar, the PaMu Slide is a Bluetooth earbud set geared toward creating the best Bluetooth earbuds you’ll ever owned. This is of course a pretty big claim, but lets break it down and see how they do.

Comfort: Let’s face it…if your earbuds don’t stay in your ears, then there’s really not much else to say. No amount of battery life or features matter if your earbuds are bouncing around on the sidewalk when you run. The PaMu Slide Earbuds are really comfortable right out of the box AND they stayed in my ears. No amount of bouncing on my run or on a stair machine made the earbuds pop out. They stayed in over a rough 5-mile run and even wearing them just working in the yard with a lot of bending over and standing back up. The plastic base tab makes them both comfortable as well as serving as an anchor that keeps them securely in your ears.

Power: I work out 5-days a week and it is always my goal to only charge my headphones and iPod once a week (at most). My workouts last about an hour and I was surprised to find that even on day five, the PaMu Slide Earbuds were still going strong. These earbuds use the best “TWS” chip available to reduce power consumption and increase play length by 3-times. I fully charged the earbuds Sunday night and they were still working on my 5th workout of the week on Friday afternoon. I should also mention that the charging case itself, can actually wirelessly recharge your cell phone (if your phone is wireless charging capable). My phone does not have wireless so I did not test this feature….however I was able to answer and hang up on calls using the PaMu Slide earbuds.
First Looks of PaMu Slide Bluetooth Earbuds

Sound: When I run outside, the ambient noise of wind or traffic can really overwhelm my music. The PaMu Slide Earbuds had really solid sound and sufficient volume and power to cover up the ambient noise. The base levels were solid and the overall quality of sound didn’t diminish as I ran and they bounced around.

Connection: I was surprised at how easily the PaMu Slide Earbuds connected to my iPod. The Bluetooth connection remained solid even with outdoor running and even as the battery was running on it’s 5th day from being charged.

Storage: The PaMu Slide Earbuds store in a really cool black box with a slide lid to help make charging easier and to help keep your earbuds clean and safe when not in use.

Other Cool Features: The PaMu Slide Earbuds also featured wireless charging transmit, touch control that allows you to pause your music with just a tap on the earbuds and they are IPX6-level of waterproofing. I did wear then on a few sweaty workouts and through a brief period of ran and I can definitely say they are pretty water proof and more than enough of what I need in a waterproof set of earbuds.

Summary: Overall I really thought the PaMu Slide Earbuds were one of my favorite sets of earbuds. The sound quality is really good, the volume goes high enough to overpower traffic noises, the base is solid, the earbuds are comfortable and stay in your ears and the battery life and charging speeds are really very good. I’ll continue to test these earbuds not only to put them through their paces, BUT because they have now become my favorite new earbuds.

Be sure to try out the PaMu Slide Earbuds and see how they perform for you, and when you do try them, be sure to let us know what YOU think.

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